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Electric Fireworks : The new way to excite your audience!

  • Sustainable  

  • Innovative

  • Unique 

Electric Fireworks  sets a new world standard of how spectacular fireworks can be executed in

a future-proof and responsible manner.


It will position your organization as a green, positive and innovative enterprise that leads

the way where it comes to sustainability. 


It offers real advantages such as minimal environmental impact, enhanced safety, and the ability to customize and adapt the show according to specific themes, moods, or branding requirements. 


After a very successful start of Electric Fireworks concept for our European launching partner, the City of Amsterdam, we’re now approaching a selected circle of potential clients to become our launching partner.  


Please feel free to contact us to discuss your opportunity.


With kinds regards,

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Iwan Kip

Commercial Director EMEA

+31 (0)625 014 570

Dave Nelissen

CCO Global

+31 (0)650 640 395

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