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'We would like to develop a proces to co-create software solutions together with our clients'

In order to implement the solutions of Salesforce effectively for important challenges of several clients, we helped to design a proces called Supernova: a highly energetic short collaboration to co-create innovative solutions.

Designing the Supernova proces:
With the experience and proven models of Mount Scott, we helped the Salesforce Supernova team to build a smooth way of working for each stage of the innovation proces. 

Stakeholders map v2.png
Het Waarom van Salesforce Supernova.jpg

Facilitating the starting stages:

Dave Nelissen of Mount Scott facilitated several start sessions with selected Supernova clients.

This way we made sure the proposed proces was implemented the right way.

Eventually the aim was to enable all the Salesforce teams to handle all  stages of the Supernova proces theirselves. 

7. PARTICIPANTS IN ACTION-Supernova Inspiration Session 6-12-2021.JPG
6. PARTICIPANTS IN ACTION-Supernova Inspiration Session 6-12-2021.JPG
  • Headstart of innovation proces

       due to the help of Mount Scott some rookie mistakes were avoided

  • Smooth intake sessions

       different stakeholders aligned from the start of the Supernova by the use of Mount Scott's formats like the   

       Iceberg,Stakeholders Mapping & Definition of Succes. 

  • Learning by doing

       teams were quickly up to speed with this new way of working

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