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'How can we use our internal creativity to come up with effective solutions for marketing challenges?'

In order to save time, money and effort, the KLM marketing department wanted to utilize the intern brainpower to develop better concepts. Instead of briefing external parties in a too early stage ideally the ideation would first take place with the input of internal stakeholders. 

Inviting the internal stakeholders and sharing the briefing:
Making sure all stakeholders involved are on the same page about goal and preparation.

Example of invitation of  Co-Create Day
Example of reminder Co-Create Day

Facilitating a dynamic, motivating co-creating day:

Teambuilding, creating ideas and selecting the right ideas for execution all in one day. 

KLM deelnemers in actie 6
KLM deelnemers in actie 9
KLM deelnemers in actie 12
KLM deelnemers in actie 14
KLM deelnemers in actie 15
Mount Scott & KLM 4.JPG

Hosting an online report-out event to present the elaborated ideas:

Within two weeks after the co-creating day to keep momentum for execution, using a proven Mount Scott template. 

Screenshot KLM Follow Up 7.jpeg
Screenshot KLM Follow Up 14.jpeg
Screenshot KLM Follow Up 2.jpeg
Bedankje KLM
Screenshot KLM Follow Up 10.jpeg
Screenshot KLM Follow Up 9.jpeg
Screenshot KLM Follow Up 21.jpeg
  • Very positive boost internal creativity

       huge impulse of team self cohesion & team confidence

  • Wall of new high quality marketing concepts

       and selected short list of top 3 concepts for execution

  • Concrete saving on costs for external marketing agency's

       each concept developed in-house saves 10k-20k euro

  • Blueprint for future way of working       

       the succes of the KLM Co-Create sessions triggered interest for more

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