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'Organize and facilitate a teambuilding day where we

combine strategy planning & fun.'

In order to build the team, inspire them for the road ahead and to create powerful ideas for the roadmap, we organized the Ajax Team Day. We combined inspiration, creation & teambuilding in a high energy, dynamic and fun day. This format started a long relationship between Ajax & Mount Scott and resulted in many more teamday's  & cooperation. 

Preparation: Alignment on purpose, agenda & presentations

We made sure that all participants agreed on the agenda and prepared presentations in a clear format with their point of view concerning Partnerships, Social Media, Tv, Print & Work Proces. This way the sessions on the Ajax Teamday itself got off to a flying start with positive energy.   

Ajax Teamday Participants 5.jpg

The event: The Ajax Teamday!

The Ajax Teamday was organized at an inspiring external location without day-to-day operational distractions so the focus of  the whole was on the near future and the creating an effective roadmap for execution. At Mount Scott we always combine presentations with active participation and adaption, to create an optimal learning and teambuilding experience.  

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Ajax Teamday Participants 5.jpg
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Ajax Teamday Participants 8.jpg
Ajax Teamday Participants 1.jpg

The commitment: JFK

In order to create true commitment for the most important stage of strategy execution: the execution fase, we at Mount Scott often use the JFK exercise. In short, this is a proven format to actually build personal involvement for the things to do for the next steps of the strategy roadmap.

  • Inspiration

       fresh, inspiring look on new opportunities and alignment on sense of urgency 

  • Creation

       concrete ideas and agreement on the next steps of the strategy roadmap

  • Relation

      sense of  excitement and above all great teambuilding

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