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'Help us to establish an effective way of working

to utilize creativity throughout the entire organization.'

In order to develop a new way of working that will result in new, innovative media & commercial concepts, formats and business cases based on business knowledge, facts and founded on a broad support base, we developed for Talpa, The Creative Lab.

Introduction of The Creative Lab:
Getting all the employees onboard & 
enthusiastic about its purpose.


Facilitating Co-Create Sessions for a wide range of internal & external commercial and business challenges:

Proces of creating better ideas faster & select the right ideas for execution guided by Mount Scott.


Train-the trainer workshops:

Upskilling Talpa team members to co-create better ideas & to put the right ideas into action.

Train the Trainer Workshop Creative Lab_edited.jpg
  • 32 Co-creation sessions in one year

       to create ideas and solutions for internal & external challenges

  • 228 In- and external stakeholders brought together

       a excellent way to give several projects the right momentum


  • 192 New concepts, formats & business ideas

       beter thought out ideas with wider support of all stakeholders involved


Above all a more creative & innovative culture throughout Talpa Network.

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