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Turn your plans into effective action.

We help organizations to put ideas into action.

Clients We Worked For.


Our services to turn your plans
into effective action



Helping you & your company to execute your strategy.



Upskilling you & your team to create better ideas &

to put the right ideas

into action.



Leading effective

co-create sessions for you and your stakeholders.

Our Clients Say.

“Dave Nelissen really helped us to utilize the creativity within the whole organization.”

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Jeroen de Bakker

MD Product & Growth Talpa

“Had a great time working in Dave’s team! His ‘let’s do this’ mentality is truly contagious.”

Screen Shot 2022-03-05 at 11.59.10 AM.png

Aaltje Wiersma

Crossmedia Specialist TMG

Innovation is not a thing to wait for but a thing to do.
Phil McKinney

The cases that prove we can
support you too

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Start question:

'Help us to bring across our global growth strategy and get the strategy incorporated in operational plans.'
mount scott logo.jpg

Start question:

'Help us to build a more creative & innovative workforce.'

mount scott logo.jpg

Start question:

'Establish an effective way of working to utilize creativity throughout the entire organization.'

mount scott logo.jpg

Start question:

'Help us to develop a

co-creative way of working

with internal & extern stakeholders/clients.'

mount scott logo.jpg

Start question:

'How can we use our internal creativity to come up

with effective solutions

for marketing challenges?'

mount scott logo.jpg

Start question:

'How can we get our strategy focussed and execution better aligned?'

Cases 2
mount scott logo.jpg

Start question:

'Organize and facilitate

a one-day workshop to create

a better online experience for Jumbo clients.'
mount scott logo.jpg

Start question:

'Organize and facilitate

a teambuilding day where we combine strategy planning & fun.'

mount scott logo.jpg

Start question:

'Organize and facilitate

an event to create sense

of excitement for our new brand positioning.'

Cases 3

Dave Nelissen

My Background.

Former captain of the Royal Dutch Marines, alumnus of Nijenrode Business University, experienced and skilled in strategy, media, sales & creativity.

I founded Mount Scott ( to stimulate creativity & innovation

within organizations. Mount Scott helps management to cross the bridge between strategy to day-to-day execution. Besides my experience as (interim) strategy- and creative director, I'm a skilled facilitator for strategic sessions.


I have been working for national and international company’s like Ebay, Ajax, WPP, Talpa, KLM, Salesforce, Hyundai, Unilever, Olympic Committee, Jumbo, Philips, Douwe Egberts, Loyens & Loeff, Octara Dubai.


As moderator I love to host national and international events.

And recently I enjoyed traveling across the globe to train hundreds of employees upscaling their creative, presenting and sales skills.


For more in depth personal background about me, I'm happy to provide you my Facet5 report.

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